Easily embracing new ways to serve clients is the main characteristic of successful companies today.

But only 30% of business transformations succeed. The top reason is that most employees don’t accept change. 


So, to successfully transform your company you need to do 2 things:


1. Get majority of your employees on board, and

2. Focus more on organizational units with poor communication quality to transform them.

ONA will give you information about:

1. Motivated employees who are trusted by most of your employees - on average, as little as 4% of employees can effectively reach additional 70% of employees,

2. Organizational units with poor quality of formal and informal communication - knowing the details will enable you to fine-tune your approach in this challenging units.

By using an online survey successfully used in 150+ transformation projects, you will get motivated influencers able to transform your company.

After ONA we can help you work with influencers to motivate most of your employees to support your strategy.


In 2018. our CEO Hrvoje Bulat published an article on how companies accelerate Digital Transformation using ONA. It soon became and still is ranked by Google as one of the most read document on ONA. 


It was reposted by experts like Michael J. Arena, Amazon Web Services' VP Talent & Development, author of "Adaptive Space"and David Green, People Analytics leader, who put the article in the selected readings on ONA.

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