How To Enter The Networks of Teams Era

November 4, 2017

(continued from the previous article)


Since flexible and dynamic interdisciplinary team organization is the main characteristic of the Networks of Teams era it is important to analyze the current status of your collaborative networks and improve your across organizational boundaries collaboration.


Already a decade ago McKinsey Quarterly reported what should be done. After various companies first performed Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) they took recommended actions as if they were trying to please today's Millenials. And succeeded.


For example, one „company responded by financially rewarding the key collaborators (many of whom had previously been frustrated by the failure to recognize their effectiveness), redefining roles and performance metrics to promote collaboration (…).“


One of the other typical actions is to: “emulate the collaborative approaches of successful colleagues, making valuable expertise and advice more readily available“. 


By using ONA findings companies can become places where Millenials, who are rapidly growing their numbers in the workforce, get their top needs met. And the other generations would't mind to reap the new gains too.


They could feel that they are making a positive contribution, are being recognized as experts in their field, and work with great people (both in terms of sociability and expertise). They could get paid not only for their individual contribution, but also for making company's cross-functional collaboration networks efficient. And efficient collaboration across organizational boundaries after the use of ONA can give your company notable benefits.


But companies should not  engage in such activities without taking a network perspective, says McKinsey Quarterly, because: „(…) when companies just promote collaboration indiscriminately, they create bottlenecks and diminish their organizational effectiveness. A network perspective gives executives the information they need to foster collaboration at the points where it delivers an economic return.“

Connect The Right People To Succeed


Those MA students I lectured to last week instantly saw the great value of ONA in helping companies reach the Networks of Teams era. Just one slide with collaboration networks before and after an ONA intervention was enough for them to see its potential (see illustrations above).


Those students will graduate in a couple of years. It would be great if by that time your company was already at the dawn of the Networks of Teams era, right? And it could be.


You can jump-start your company's  successful transformation.

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