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the aluminium electrolysis multi-functional unit

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the aluminium electrolysis multifunctional unit

the aluminum electrolysis multifunctional unit is key equipment for large-scale prebaked anode aluminum electrolysis production, and can replace manpower to finish crust breaking, anode replacing, anode pit cleaning, charging, aluminum discharging and metering, anode busbar switching, electrolysis bath repairing, lifting and other operation procedures in the aluminum electrolysis operation process under extremely severe conditions such as high temperature, much dust, much corrosive gas and high-intensity magnetic field, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve working efficiency

the aluminum electrolysis multifunctional crane is mainly composed of a bridge frame, a cart running mechanism, a tool trolley (with a crust breaking mechanism, a discharging mechanism, a slag removing mechanism and a discharging device), an aluminum discharging trolley, a hydraulic system, a pneumatic system and an electric control system.
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