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shajun disinfectants

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disinfectant from china:

brand: shajun

product characteristics: the main ingredient of this disinfectant is hypochlorous acid, it is non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin. it is safe for the old people, children, pregnant women, people with low immunity, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of disease and spread infection.
it can kill many kinds of virus, such as influenza virus, avian influenza virus h3n2 fm4.01, hand-foot-mouth virus (enterovirus ev71), typhimurium and other multiple bacteria, fungi, viruses, bacterial spores. the inactivation rate of influenza virus in 10 minutes was 99.99990% and that of norovirus was 99.99989%. at room temperature, the inactivation rate of ev71 in 5 minutes are greater than 99.99%.
it is suitable for air disinfection(home, school, office, car and hotel etc.), fabric disinfection(towels, clothes, shoes and socks etc.), general object surface disinfection(baby carriage/bed, children’s toys, furniture, sanitary ware, electronic equipments etc.).
order quantity: 20000pcs min.


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