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isostatic graphite

product details

isostatic graphite has good electric and heat conductivity, high strength at high temperature, low thermal expansion, sefl lubricity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high bulk density and easy machining.

it is widely used in monocrystalline silicon, ploycrystalline sillicon and sillicon ingots, edm machining, metal continuous casting, precious metal smelting, vacuum furnace, high temperature corrosion resistance container, etc.

graphite component, graphite nozzle, graphite crucible, graphite support, graphite screw for aerospace industry;
graphite heater, graphite flow guide tube, graphite crucible pedestal for energy and photovoltaic industry;
graphite mould, graphite heater for non-ferrous metal continuous casting, glass and ceramic industry;
graphite mould, graphite heater for vaccum furnace and sinter industry

various specification and properties of isostatic graphite can be produced per customer's requirement.
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