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steel strengthened silicon carbide

product details

应用领域    products application
     防弹材料,可用于应对普通子弹、穿甲弹、建议爆炸装置和火箭筒   bullet-proof material can be used to resist bullets,penetrators,improvised devices and rocket-propelled grenades
产品特性            product features
     可根据产品用途调整钢网比例  can adjust the mesh according to the product use
     密度:3.5(标准)   density  3.5(standard)
     硬度(hv 1kg:22gpa(陶瓷部分)      hardnesshv 1kg:22gpa ceramic parts
     韧性好、能承受多次打击    excellent toughness.has high mulfi-hit abilities
     优越的抗爆炸性能       excellent  performance of anti-explosion
     产品抗震性能好,击中后不易引起裂缝    excellent shock resistance to avoid cracks after shooting
     抗冲击力具体数值与钢网含量有关  specific value of impact resistance depands on the content of the steel mesh
     抗冲击力(j/m2):附常见材料数据对比  impact resistancej/m2):comparison of common material data
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