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reaction sinteed silicon carbide products

product details

应用领域     products application
       防弹陶瓷    bullet-proof ceramic
       喷嘴等结构陶瓷 nozzles and other structural ceramics
       陶瓷耐温部件 temperature resistant ceramic components
产品特性   product features
       游离硅的含量(14%-8% the free silicon content of our product is14%- 8%
       产品密度显著高于一般水平  product density is significantly higher than the equivalent
产品规格   products of specifications
       目前主要产品为250×300mm δ=512mm规格多曲防弹胸板
       our main products is 250×300mm  δ=512mm competitions multi-  curved bulletproof plate at present
       也可按客户要求生产其他反应烧结碳化硅产品   we are manufacture other  reaction sintering silicon carbide products as customers' requests
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