The cost of replacing an employee is about 150% of the person's annual salary. That's already bad, but the damage is much worse when an influential employee leaves a company. His or hers leave severely disrupts the processes.

Yet, the worst part is the domino effect. It is known that when influencer leaves, many employees leave too. They influence many other people that much. You can imagine them telling everyone on their notice period (for a whole month!) what is "wrong" with the company, why they are leaving, and/or even telling others to follow them to a new company.  


Do you want them to influence your other employees with negative Engagement? Of course not. 

But when you want to do something about it, the challenge is: management recognizes less than 50% of influencers. That's because you cannot directly know who are the people other employees trust the most. They are uknown, until ONA finds them (and they agree to reveal their identity to you - they usually do).

Then you can act to motivate your influencers to stay and make others stay too. We can help you with that. It will give you competitive advantage, and you'll have less unwanted turnover.

Our CEO Hrvoje Bulat co-hosted a webinar with TalentLyft about this important topic. The main points are discussed between minutes 2:00 and 47:00.


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