• Hrvoje Bulat

ONA Hacks HR Every Time

It was a truly great Hacking HR event!

Audience was packed and lineup of speakers was impressive. No wonder, since this community is now the largest HR community in Croatia and wider.

I am proud to have contributed with lecture on ONA accelerating Culture Transformation, based on my article on ONA accelerating Digital Transformation, ranked by Google as one of the most read ONA articles in the world.

Today I see it's just beneath Deloitte and Wikipedia articles (out of 2 million results):

ONA got a lot of attention at the event, as always - many HR experts and business leaders approached me later wanting to know more about it.

And I've added a special bonus for the audience - sharing the info how Passive ONA can accelerate culture change, by collecting data without surveys, continuously connecting silos and promoting teamwork culture. If you too want to know about it, contact me.