Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is People Analytics method that identifies communication patterns in organizations. 


It is important to know them, since informal communication networks have more influence on employees' beliefs, behaviour and work than organisational charts do.


Knowing them gives you the opportunity to strongly support your strategic goals.    

















In the same time ONA gives employees better Employee Experience - since employees identified by ONA are most trusted by their peers, they are also the ones who can best represent them - aligning business needs with the needs of employees. 

All industries now use ONA. No wonder, since it is a scientific methodology that has been rigorously tested in business environment by hundreds of companies for more than a quarter of a century. 

In fact, ONA is used by 56% companies today (8% using it regularly, 48% starting to).

There are 2 ways to do it:

1. Using short questionnaire (online or pen & paper), or by

2. Collecting technological communication data that exists in your company (e.g. e-mail traffic).

We can provide you with both options, fully complied with GDPR. 

We are proud to offer you best software solutions made by our partner Maven7, top global ONA company, with decade of experience, co-founded by world's top Network Scientist, Albert-Laszlo Barabasi.  






"The most effective organizations make smart use of employee networks to reduce costs, improve efficiency and spur innovation."

„In fact, when we use network analysis to identify the strongest collaborators in organizations, leaders are typically surprised by at least half the names on their lists.“

„(…) Organizational Network Analysis is an important new trend and a valuable tool for HR and management (…)“

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