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to implement “go abroad” strategy in innovation

to implement “go abroad” strategy in innovation

dr. mark shujun ma,born in march of 1969,  a public figure without party affiliation,mba and phd in economics, is the member of chinese political consultative committee of dalian (member of parliament);vice chairman all china federation of industry & commerce of dalian ;vice chairman of association for the promotion of overseas development & investment of dalian and vice chairman of china international chamber of commerce of dalian. since 2007, he was awarded the title as “ the top ten excellent youths in liaoning economic and social development ”, “the top 100 elites in china economy ”and also won “ the second session of builder medal in liaoning province” .

dr. mark shujun ma has been working in the front foreign economic and trade for years, has been travelled to many countries and regions in the world such as asia, europe, latin-america etc., and especially more than 200 times to india. now he is honored as “the ambassador of sino-india friendship” and “hsuan tsang of 21st century”. under the leadership of dr. mark shujun ma, cimm group has made a strategic partnership with the first-rank enterprises at home and broad to integrate the technology, manufacture and trade as whole,taken the first lead in implementing the strategy of "going abroad". cimm group also obtained outstanding achievement and enjoyed very high reputation at home and abroad in providing technology, engineering, manufacturing, trade and epc service in the fields of steel & metallurgy, non-ferrous metal , power generation etc.

the power comes from sincerity

established in 1998, cimm group co.,ltd is private and export-oriented company especially committed in import & export trade in steel and metallurgical products, equipment, technology as well as the international epc projects. by implementing the "going abroad" strategy, cimm group has gradually established a wide range of business relationship with “tata group”, the father of iron and steel in india and “ reliance”, the second largest consortium in india and the largest refineries in the world, which has great impact on all walks of life in indian society.

in somebody’s opinion, to do international business to such extent that some practice of international management should be applied and sometimes even with very harsh regulations. however, dr. mark shujun ma said : “ in fact , we did not copy the western system, on the contrary, we but have taken fully consideration of the specific national conditions in china and cultural background, by concerning more about the employees with sincerity and relaxation ,we properly implemented humane management. for instance, in order to avoid rush hours before the spring festival in china, we allowed the non-local employees to go home early and come back late after holidays than the others. we especially appointed someone to reserve the tickets for them in order to avoid the difficulties in getting the tickets during holidays and this gradually won the greater favors and support from the employees though the operating cost was increased.

dr. mark shujun ma said : “humane management is just the miniature of innovated management. as one of the first entrepreneurs going abroad, although everyone is relatively independent individuals, it is the sincerity that get us all together so that everything goes very smoothly accordingly.”

to break the traditional mode of thinking, we adhere to the scientific and practical employment standards, pay more attention to the talent, capability and performance of individuals rather than academic degree, age, gender and regions. meanwhile, with effective competition and motivation regulations, we find that the sincerity will further improve the quality of talents and working efficiency so that the value of company and individuals will be maximized.

respect comes from the persistence

if the power of centripetal coherence comes from the sincerity, then the persistence is the other trump that we usually achieve outstanding performance when expanding our business in foreign markets.

dr. mark shujun ma said :” for instance, when expanding our business in india, we won the customers’ belief and favor by sincerity on one hand and on the other hand we acquire more margin for ourselves by our persistence. we should fully familiar with the culture and historical difference between india and china and gradually overcome variety of difficulties and built up the business relationship with all walks of life in india. in the business fields, cimm group have closely cooperated with several india’s reputable consortiums; in politics, we have also widely established friendship with indian government officials at all levels and this undoubtedly make greater contribution to the promotion of sino-india’s communication and culture exchanges.”

since more flexible policy for the permission of operating foreign trade being realized after china entering into wto, much more fierce competition in the market becomes unavoidable. cimm group experienced the survival test in such circumstance. comparing to the resources and market potentials of india, china has many advantages in complete equipment, technology and international epc projects and these are the real need for india. although we did not finds advantages in the investment environment of india at the beginning, from cimm point of view,  it will definitely create the most exhilarating business miracles as long as india's enormous resources and market potentials are activated.

after setting the strategic goal, with the firm determination to bring china's metallurgical technology and equipment to india and to the world, cimm group has been making efforts to a deeper propagation in india for many years, promoting chinese metallurgical technology and equipment, advocating the establishment of united front of china metallurgical engineering technology in india and cooperating closely with the business partners at home and abroad in steel metallurgy, equipment, manufacturing and construction areas.

because of the big difference between china and india in politics, economy and culture etc, cimm faced the long series of difficulties such as the lack of fund support for company’s development, low level of infrastructure in india, the lack of talents caused by the limitation of ecological environment and human environment in india, together with the increase of material in domestic market, the appreciation of rmb and the change in export tax reimbursement in china, etc. however, rather than holding back, through years of unremitting efforts, cimm group finally gained the support from ministry of industry, ministry of chemical industry of india, steel authority of india and confederation of indian industry and gained the support from all social circles. it is the support and encouragement that grounds the business development of cimm group in india.

creativity and innovation make remarkable success

“the progress of any enterprise starts with vitality and creativity is the source of vitality” said dr ma. cimm group have realized this point and the progress of “going out” strategy of cimm group is a constant innovation process.

in term of technology, through continuous innovation, cimm group has formed a new development trend which is based on raw materials, complete equipment, spare parts and technology in steel metallurgical industry and taken international economic cooperation and international engineering epc projects as top priority. especially, cimm group the has gradually established the market advantages in south asia and africa and that contribute the great importance to sustainable development the cimm gorup.

for operation, cimm group always put the creativity in the first place. but what cimm emphasize is the efficient allocation and integration of resources and markets. cimm group reach mutual agreement with established enterprises such as china metallurgical group corporation, tang shan iron& steel group, dalian international cooperation group and formed the united front to jointly develop south asia market.

cimm group not only positively responses to the “going out ” policy of chinese government, but also makes the market strategy that calcutta as center while delhi and bombay as two wings to fully develop india metallurgy engineering epc projects. at present, cimm group has successfully built up good business relationship with 139 companies in industries of metallurgical and petrochemical in indian market. “in india, sometimes, i forget i am a businessman and only remember that i am chinese’’ said dr ma. ‘’walking in the street in india, i always think that it will be most wonderful thing for me if i can play a positive role in moving further for the communication in economics and culture between china and india and make contributions to the friendly communications between the people of two countries.”
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