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cimm & taishan steel corporate for vigorous development

on march 25, 2012, group chairman dr. ma shujun (hereinafter referred to dr. ma) leads cimm group vice president zhu bangfu, ji chun hui, chief financial officer cai guizhen, assistant to the president zhang fashou, liu yingxian, yu zhengfei, the control center director wang shu-juan, the domestic sales manager liu yougang, the general manager of cimm-donghai zhang xiangjun, the president of cimm-fenghua li linshan, the marketing manager zhang dongshen, to visit and inspect shandong taishan iron and steel group corporation (taishan steel), one of the large-scale iron and steel enterprises in shandong. with the purpose of “holding together” and "going out" in seeking common development, the two sides formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

people from taishan steel attending the welcome reception and the ceremony of signing strategic cooperation agreement include: group chairman and the party secretary wang shoudong (chairman wang), group president and commission for discipline inspection wang yongsheng, chief engineer and director gao zhenmin, managing director of shaoshu dong, chief financial officer zheng hongjun, production director wang huishan, assistant to the president li haiyang, dean of design institute sun shichao, factory manager wang dexiang and others.

on behalf of taishan steel, chairman wang extends a warm welcome to the executive team led by dr. ma. he said: taishan steel is large group of companies consisting of steel making, energy, machinery, commerce and trade, high-tech and other industries. now the taishan steel has formed an annual output of 3 million tons of fine plate and strip, of 0.6 million tons of stainless steel production capacity, the new two 1787m ³ blast furnaces. the sales revenue of 26 billion yuan in 2010, ranking number 273 of top 500 chinese enterprises, number 141 of china's manufacturing industry, number 27 of the top 100 enterprises of shandong province. in order to cope with global economic crisis, the implementation of a comprehensive development strategy of the two markets, broaden the international markets, to achieve continuous development, we expect to cooperate with cimm group in the field of international metallurgical engineering facilities, metallurgical technology, equipment, exporting, and iron and steel production of spare parts in a comprehensive and strategic way.

dr. ma delivered an important speech: first, thanks for the welcome and the signing ceremony. in early 2012, facing with very complicated and difficult economic situation at home and abroad, we cimm group proposed strategic approach in turning crises into opportunities and forming comprehensive cooperation and common development". cimm and taishan steel are old friends. we started the business exchange from 2008. in recent two years, we have deepened the cooperation with the implementation of kgs 33m3 sintering project in india. we also have close co-operation in the steel-making equipment, spare parts. now i can see the energetic flourish, full of hope of taishan steel. after 10 years of hard work, cimm group has creates the international marketing and service channel resources. the industrial strength of taishan steel together with the market channels platform of cimm will create a huge space for development.

all intentional agreement has been reached on the international metallurgical projects ep contract, equipment supply and the supply of electrodes, refractory and other spare parts and on the behalf of cimm gourp and taishan steel, dr. ma and chairman wang signed the strategic cooperation agreement between cimm group and taishan steel at 10:10 am.

accompanied by taishan steel president wang yongsheng, the cimm delegation visited the new 1787m ³ blast furnace taishan steel of and capacity of 0.6 million tons of stainless steel production line. during the visit, study, and congratulations luncheon, the senior management of both parties also exchange the idea for carrying out the strategic cooperation.

site reporter: chunhui shujuan
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