the establishment of ark of china cimm group anti-利来登录

the establishment of ark of china cimm group anti-epidemic commando


introduction of ark of china cimm group anti-epidemic commando


1. time and background for the establishment of ark of china cimm group anti-epidemic commando


dr. mark shujunma, the founder and chairman of ark of china cimm group, convened the entire management team of cimm group at overseas through dingtalk video conference on 28th jan. 2020, under the situation of rapid spread of the new coronavirus epidemic in china. he called for ark of china cimm group to fight against the epidemic and turn the crisis into opportunities at the emergency working conference, and announced to establish ark of china cimm group anti-epidemic commando.


2.     organizational structure of ark of china cimm group anti-epidemic commando


chief commander: dr. mark shujun ma

captain: mrs chunhui ji;

first deputy captain: mr. xiaoming lan;

deputy captains: mrs.dongyan sui, mr. xiaomin zhang, mrs. xue jin, mr. xingping yi, mr.ning ma, mr.wei lv, mr.kai quan, mrs chen cui, ms li zheng, mr.junfeng shi ;

office director: mr. changyan li

commando members: all the soldiers except the above from dalian office, free trade zone office and beijing office.


3.     the mission of ark of china cimm group anti-epidemic commando


the commando should make use the role and advantages of ark of china at overseas, ask foreign agents and customers to donate masks and protective suit, and help contact with overseas manufacturers of masks and protective suits. we should raise relief supplies of 5 million masks, 2 million protective suits, 100,000 goggles to contribute to the epidemic area.


4.     the four functions of ark of china cimm group’s anti-epidemic commando are as follows:


1).    take the advantages of extensive overseas contacts and agency cooperation outlets of ark of china industry internet platform, and use its own channels and resources to raise medical materials to donate to china.

2).    appeal to the global partners of ark of china cimm group to raise or raise medical materials, which will be donated directly to china by the partners.

3).    establish cooperation relationship with foreign medical materials and logistics enterprises with certain scale to provide a certain amount of guarantee for domestic medical materials.

4).    with the most flexible, practical and direct way to solve the problem, to use the express delivery to deliver medical materials to china in multiple batches and varieties.


5.     responsibilities of ark of china cimm group’s anti-epidemic commando


responsibilities of captain: 24-hour dispatch and command the progress of protective materials and all agents, so as to ensure that 5,000,000 masks, 2,000,000 sets of protective suits and 100,000 goggles reach the epidemic area on time.

responsibilities of the first deputy captain: responsible for ensuring the smooth customs clearance of our imported protective materials and the delivery of imported materials to the epidemic area.

responsibilities of the deputy captain: on the one hand, complete his own work; on the other hand, solve the problem of overseas medical supplies as soon as possible. take various actions, lead all market fighters to contact overseas agents and customers to solve the urgent need for relief supplies.

responsibilities of the office director: give full play to the role of link, and do a good job in the special mission at the critical moment.


6.     overseas material market distribution

britain, luxembourg, greece, south korea, finland, russia, india, thailand, armenia, germany, italy, switzerland, slovenia, croatia, australia, pakistan, netherlands, brazil, philippines, estonia, czech republic, peru, argentina, malaysia, thailand, indonesia, vietnam, spain, slovakia, poland, sweden, hungary, spain, belarus, ukraine, japan, macedonia, france, shulia, canada, united states, mexico, egypt, saudi arabia, myanmar, oman, mauritius, bangladesh, united arab emirates, turkey.


epidemic is the order, anti-epidemic is the horn of the commando! ark of china cimm group’s anti-epidemic commando must ensure that all the above anti epidemic work is carried out in a timely and fast manner, raise urgently needed medical protective materials, support the anti-epidemic front line, and make the contributions to the joint fight against the epidemic. at the same time, all commanders and fighters of ark of china cimm group’s anti-epidemic commando must take the initiative in their respective markets and fields to turn the crisis into an opportunity and must ensure the successful completion of the target task of exporting 50,000 tons of graphite electrodes in 2020.


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