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liaoning cimm fenghua refractory engineering technology co., ltd. is located in “the magnesium capital of china” – dashiqiao city, liaoning province, china, it is an integrated company that involved in research & science, production and trading. the company has 480 employees, among them are 65 senior technians, covering a land of 101905 square meters. industrial products : magnesia refractories, metallurgy furnace materials, lance pipe in hot metal desulphuration, passivation 
metal particle magnesium: mine products: iron mine, iron concentrate.

position advantages: the company located in yingkou nanlou economic development zone, 45 kilometers away from bayuquan port, 21kilometers from yingkou port, 2 kilometers from shiqiao train station, with convenient traffic condition.

product advantages:
1.the company owns advanced refractories production lines, has more than 160 sets of large production equipment and 30 sets of advanced testing equipment, with annual production magnesite carbon brick, aluminium magnesite carbon brick and aluminium silicon brick with 70 thousand tons, sliding gate and nozzle with 5 thousand tons, a various of unshaped refractories with 40 thousand tons, annual prosuction high iron and calcium clinker with 50 thousand tons, high purity caustic sintered magnesite pellet 100 thousand tons, modification agent 30 thousand tons. 2 own 1 iron mine with 15 million tons, annual production iron ore with 600 thousand tons, iron powder woth 200 thousand tons. its a professional in producing passivation particle magnesite and 2000 sets of  lance pipe for hot metal desulphuration with annual production passivation particle magnesite 20thousand tons. 3. the company received first award of s&t progress and national gold award of invention during the 2008, has 3 patents, lance pipe of desulphuration and dephosphorization, stirrer of hot metal pretreatment desulphuration and method of alkali dephosphorization agent, respectively. passivation metal particle magnesium and sliding gate series which called "xinwei" brand have been awarded as liaoning province famous product. lance pipe in hot metal desulphuration was registered as "the king of gun in china" trademark. the development of high grade magnesium oxide and magnesium plate filled gaps in the domestic market. marketing concept: sparkpluging operation of integration service from products developing, design and production to construction site, not to only to produce good quality production, also to bulid a excellent after-sales service team

scientific and research advantages: the company is a science and research  forerunner enterprise, including technological center and metallurgy institute with northeastern university of china, liaoning scientific & technology university, wuhan scientific & technology university and beijing iron&steel institute, has established a long-term technological cooperation and developed a various of shaped & unshaped refractory products by invited refractories experts and professors

quality advantages: the products strictly implements enterprise and national standard, the good quality products has passed iso9001:2000 international quality management system and iso 14001 enviromenttal management system certification.

sincere advantages: the company was awarded as "best sincere enterprise " in liaoning province in 2008 and was officially recognized as the national high-tech enterprise in 2011.and its excellent performance, well after-sales service and good reputation, obtain abroad ustomers alike.

business ideas: scientific management  human-oriented
                              technology leading    establish famous brand  

corporate mission: a win-win cooperation with clients is our cornerstone.
                                   good quality is our eternal pursuit

product introduction
magnesite carbon brick
large-face patching mix and throw-hand mix
gunning mix for converter
patching brick
stopping-slag pellet
tap hole brick& patching mix
caustic sintered magnesite pellet(white)
modification agent (black)
passivated magnesium powder  
lance pipe in hot metal desulphuration
furnace lining bricks 
dry ramming mix for eaf bottom
gunning mix for eaf slag-line
tap hole sleeve brick for eaf
tap hole filling mix for eaf
magnesite carbon brick for ladle/ aliminum magnesite carbon brick for ladle
castable mix for ladle permanent lining
patching mix for ladle
chrome diversion agent
sliding gate plate and upper/lower nozzle and nozzlepocket block
corundum self-flow mix
sealing gasket  
integration orecast for refining furnace

castable mix for tudish permanent lining
dry vibrating mix for tundish
gunning (coating) mix for tundish
nozzle pocket block and filler
tundish cover are integrally precast or castable materials 
current stabilizer,stopping-slag and impact plate

testing equipment 


testing equipment  
testing equipment  
category device name quantity  model application   
  high-temperature thermal shock testing machine 1 set krzs01 testing the thermal shock stability  
  hydraulic material testing machine 2 sets ye-1000  testing cold compressive strength  
  automatic high temperature flexural testing machine 1 set hmor-02p  high temperature parameter    
  vacuum drying chamber 1 set 8761a  testing stomatal  
  high temperature reheating test furnace 1 set xcsl-17-14y  testing heavy burn line change  
  high load softening test instrument 1 set hry-02y   high temperature parameter    
  porosity density tester 1 set xqk-02   testing body dense and vent  
  caranalyzer 1 set    c carbon content  
testing  double-barreled box-type high-temperature carbon heater 1 set sr1k2.5bws  c carbon content ````
equipments automatic water titrations instrument 1 set zsd-2  testing moisture  
  rotational viscometer 2 sets ndj79  viscometry  
  the electronic constant temperature water bath pot 2 sets dzkw4  physical examination   
  double end face grinder 1 set dfgm02  physical examination   
  electric vibrating screen  2 sets 8411 & gs86  granularity analysis  
  closed type test crushing and sample preparation 2 sets gjmz  sample preparation equipment   
  jaw crusher 2 sets pe  sample preparation equipment   
  vis spectrophotometer 2 sets 7230g   chemical examination   
  digital display type electric thermostatic drying 1 set 1012a  physical examination   
  stainless steel water distiller 1 set     chemical examination  
  blast electric oven 1 set 101 physical examination   
  mettler toledo scales 3 sets b-s&ab-s&pb-s  measuring device  
  analytical balance 1 set tg328b  measuring device  
  high temperature resistance furnace 3 sets sx2613 physical examination   


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