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When companies try to solve the problem and promote collaboration without network perspective, they create bottlenecks. In that way they even slow down the processes, making things worse.

But by connecting the employees using ONA approach the speed of whole employee network increases. It results in reduced costs, improved productivity and increased number of innovation.

We can look either for the very employees who should be connected together (of course, if that's ok with them), or to look how entire departments are collaborating (e.g. exchanging e-mails, arranging meetings, and sharing computer disks).


In that way you can also aim to strengthen connections between certain org units to better serve customers, and reduce the redundant communication which is not making ROI. And then you can monitor progress by further using ONA.


Our CEO Hrvoje Bulat gave a class on ZSEM Business Academy to Digital Transformation experts on ONA accelerating Digital Transformation, including how to improve internal collaboration in ways described above. 

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