We offer companies to achieve business goals using ONA while in the same time improving Employee Experience.  

Companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook (who all use ONA) show how every company can constantly evolve aligning business goals with Employee Experience. We want every organization we work with achieve similar results.


Our Vision is to make every company an ideal (perfect) collaborative workplace. With such high goal as a Vision, we believe we can complete our Mission - to make every client company an optimal (best possible) collaborative workplace. It is truly a "win-win" situation for all: shareholders, managers, employees and their communities.


Silvia Fierascu, PhD

Head of ONA Team

Silvia has done ONA on data from companies of various industries, sizes and geographies, including one with 55.000+ employees.


She was also the product developer of Maven7's first-class ONA analysis tool OrgMapper I INFLUENCE, which has been successfully used for more than 150 ONA projects in companies around the world. 

Silvia holds PhD in Political Science and Network Science obtained at Central Europen University in Budapest, where she was a teaching assistant on PhD, MA and BA courses for different professors, including Albert-Laszlo Barabasi. She was also a visiting scholar at University of Cambridge.

Awards and Honors:

· Summa cum laude Doctoral Dissertation

· Teaching Assistant of the Year

· Best MA Thesis Award

Hrvoje Bulat, MA Psychology

CEO & Head of HR Development Team

Hrvoje gained multidimensional perspective on business and HR during 14 years of work experience at the leading bank in Croatia. For the first 8 years he worked in internationally awarded HR, gaining substantial Recruitment, Onboarding, L&D and Talent Management know-how.


Then he continued to develop in Retail Strategy and Business Development, where he participated in shaping the business in the contemporary ways. He worked closely with the colleagues from other HQ units and Sales, as well as an Agile Team member on Customer Experience project. Therefore he is very much aware of the importance of having the processes revised and setting up the optimal ones in serving the customers. He has also initiated and coordinated a process change between 5 departments, which provides ongoing savings for the Bank.

Awards and Honors:


· Guest lecturer at Zagreb School of Economics and Management

· Co-author of an Organizational Psychology handbook

· Rector's Award for a paper on Ethics in practice

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